Albums and singles


New Album - "Le réglage précis du zéro", 2 Vynils lp (Orgasm - Spasm30) ltd to 300 - 2011

Recorded between Summer 2009 and winter 2010, by Elsa Diot, Fabrice Neybecker, Gaël Quintric, Laurent Box & Stéphane Récrosio, with the help of Cyril Ruel (electric saw on Le réglage) and Eric Diot (drums on Wavering cares)

Produced by Acetate Zero and Cyril Guillaneuf.
Mastered by Oh Jim

Disk 1

Disk 2

Side A
Last in class
Wavering cares (mp3 - demo)
Catharian mist
Perverted Affair
The end is here

Side A
Snow white carbonized
Même ville sous la pluie
Hidden peak
Walking dead
The ascent manifest

Side B
Are you ready to fall ?
Come & strike back (mp3)
Lurid painting for nothing
Le reglage precis du zero
Tactical bodycheck
Something got's me wrong
By the fireside

Side B
The north is avenged
My kindom for an island (part I)
Blessed by catastroph
Feign the control
Like to be forgotten
Gravity wax
Previous releases ...

"Hesitation Blues ", digisleeve cd lp (Arbouse recordings) ltd to 1000 - 2009

"Civilize the Satanists", cd lp(Arbouse recordings) ltd to 500 / sold out - 2008

"Lathe empire", Lathe Cut 8' (Arbouse recordings/Orgasm) ltd to 40 - 2007
4 tracks from the Civilize the Satanists album
A beautiful cold something in a blissful fire, something riding the waves probably.
An allegiance to vinyl, polycarbonate acetate though.

"We deny this", CDR (Arbouse recordings) ltd to 250- 2006
(Arbou013)Live tracks & previously unrealised material on an ultra limited edition of Arbouse recordings records.
Still available at Arbouse online shop

"Somehow about perfection", 12" (Clairecords) - 2005

"Crestfallen", LP (Arbouse recordings) - 2004

"Softcore paradise", cd (Drumkid rds) ltd to 1000 - 2003

"Ground Altitude", cd (Arbouse recordings) ltd to 500 / sold out- 2002

"Northland tragedy", 7" (Orgasm) ltd to 100 - 2002

"Pieces in trouble", cdep (Arbouse recordings) ltd to 300 / sold out- 2001

"Diabolus in musica", 10" (Intercontinental) ltd to 300 - 2000

"Softcore paradise" LP (Orgasm) ltd to 200- 1999

"The sad beautiful quintessence", 7" (Orgasm) ltd to 300 - 1998


Compilation tracks

2001 : 1 track (A picture you can't flash) on "Bucolique vo 1" cd (Arbouse recordings)

2001 : 1 track (I defy anything for anyone) on "Performance" cd (Intercontinental)

2000 : 1 track (Metropolitan fatal dawn) on "But solid" cd (See through)

1998 : 2 tracks on Prosaical Lp (Spasm20- Orgasm)
(Tokyo Montana express/ The definition of fall)

1997 : 3 tracks (Tokyo Montana express 1st version/ Debris/ Bang!) on "Wishful thinking sucks" tape (Spasm12 - Orgasm)